Start your Learning English journey

My name is Valerie, and I invite you to England to learn English. I am a fully qualified and experienced teacher and have enjoyed teaching one-to-one English for many years, working with all nationalities, levels and age groups.

Residential English Lessons

Your course will be a total immersion in the English language and the English way of life.

Non-residential English Lessons

In this course we will work together at the right level for you practicing different situations.

Distance English Lessons

You can now learn English with one-to-one tuition from Valerie using FaceTime.


Staying with us and learn English

My name is Valerie and I want to help you to speak English more fluently. Each English course is designed for you alone and is based on what you need in your everyday life.

I teach English to all kinds of people, from young learners to business people. Come and read some of my students stories. Find out what it’s like Learning English with me whilst staying in our home in the beautiful South of England.


Some student feedback

Mr Solar

It was great to learn English everyday and also have a lots of others things to do. Valerie helped me to progress and I enjoyed it. The food was wonderful also.


It was a wonderful experience being taught by Valerie and staying with her and Bernie in their beautiful place. She helped me advance my English a lot and brought me to love not only the English language but especially the English way of life. I came back several times and still do whenever I’ve got the time.

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