Alex’s Story



These days he is training to become a doctor. When he came to study in England he already had a good level of English. We read a book together and this helped to build his vocabulary. It was a great experience for us both, the book was excellent and we looked forward to the conclusion.


It was great to learn English everyday and also have a lots of others things to do like taking a bath in the Sea or going for a run at the beach.
Valerie helped me to progress – no matter how bad my English was – and I enjoyed it a lot as we did very different things in the lessons like reading a book or writing a diary.
Due to having nice talks with her and her neighbours, it was easy to learn a lot of new words in quite a short time. So, after my stay I realized big advantages concerning my english lessons at school.
The food was wonderful also – in my opinion Valerie and Bernie are the best cooks in the whole UK!
I simply never want to miss this absolutely great experience! 🙂

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