Luisa’s Story


The first time Luisa came to England she was very young and admitted to us and her parents that she may have been too young. Each student is different. However, since then she came back and had a very positive experience. Luisa is a pleasure to know and we both enjoyed the second course very much. Her English is excellent now, she has achieved so much.


I really loved to stay ten days with Valerie and Bernie. They are very friendly and funny. You really feel like you’re in your own family.

The lessons were good. We talked about the grammar, read a book and spoke a lot. In the afternoons we walked beside the sea or through the park. On two afternoons we were in Chichester and Portsmouth. The afternoons with Val were every time great fun, because we talked sometimes over the funniest things.

I really enjoyed our daytrip to London. We visited the main sights, the Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and of course Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge.

My time in England was really good. I got some really new and wonderful experiences, in special how a normal English family lives, for example Val and Bernie with the wonderful flower and vegetable garden and the smaller house which is very nice and comfortable. I also liked to make the cupcakes with Valerie and the evenings at the dinner table where we sometimes sat for two hours to talk. I really want to come back.

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