Places to visit

Dear Student,
It’s always lovely to be by the sea and that’s where you’ll be when you come to Felpham Village. Just a short walk from our house and you’ll be able to enjoy the sea air and walk for miles by the sea. Yes! we do go swimming in the sea in the summer. For the more energetic jogging, tennis, mini-golf and an outdoor Gym are all available at Felpham Beach. Of course, you can always enjoy sitting in one of the two cafés on the beachfront whilst practising your English.
Our vegetable garden is a short walk away. We actually walk through the church yard with its graves and memorial stones. One of my student’s didn’t understand where we were going. It wasn’t until he saw the gardens that he understood. In the summer we go there most days to get fresh food, pick flowers and look after the plants. We love it!
I don’t know where to begin to tell you about all the great things you can experience whilst you are here to learn English. It depends on you.
Most students love Arundel Castle, its very close to us and has so much history. It is situated in the pretty town of Arundel which has a river and beautiful parks. If you like history then a trip to Portsmouth Historical Quayside is easy to achieve.
Brighton is famous for its Lane’s; the Lanes are very narrow places to wonder around and to see different shops, great pubs and restaurants. It’s a unique city by the sea, there is also much history there. The Victorian Pier is very fine. The smell of the sea and fish and chips is always in the air. I love visiting Brighton; it is very diverse with many eccentricities. There is a large student population which adds to the vibrancy.
London is a train ride of about one hour and forty-five minutes. Many people commute to London to work every day. There is so much to do and see. I always have lots of brochures and ideas to help you make the right choice.
Finally, the countryside is so special in England at any time of the year. If like me you love to walk, please join me and I’ll show you the scenery and the little villages which we are so famous for.
What are you waiting for?


Some student feedback

Mr Solar

It was great to learn English everyday and also have a lots of others things to do. Valerie helped me to progress and I enjoyed it. The food was wonderful also.


It was a wonderful experience being taught by Valerie and staying with her and Bernie in their beautiful place. She helped me advance my English a lot and brought me to love not only the English language but especially the English way of life. I came back several times and still do whenever I’ve got the time.

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