Elia’s Story



Elia has now attended two English Homestay Courses.
To teach her was a great pleasure to me.
Elia always enjoyed her lessons, she was also a wonderful house guest.
We did many every day activities in and out of the house.
It was great spending time with her, I am sure she will do very well for herself.


I spent one week twice learning english with Valerie.
I was welcomed as her own daughter and at the end I portrayed her as my english grand mother.
We went visiting some cities and lavenders fields, it was absolutely lovely.
This journey made me realize how close the english and french cultures are.
She helped me to feel more confident and to speak fluently. English seems now so easy to me !
I would recommand Valerie to everyone who wants to progress and spend good times in this such beautiful country, England.


Well, tomorrow I will have to leave two lovely people and a beautiful house. It makes me sad……
I had lots of fun, Valerie and Bernie are always smiling and laughing. I wonder that everybody must be like them!
I learned a lot and I have discovered the unknown but absolutely gorgeous English countryside. O recommend this travel in England to everybody.
I will have perfect memories of this journey.
Thanks for all of your help, your smiles. I felt like in harmony with nature.
All I can say it is:
Hope I will see you soon.


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